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Vanghan glamorous chandeliers, wall-mounted, floor standing and desk lamps, illumination for landscape design, charming tables, chairs and sofas, gorgeous carpets and delightful textile – these are the tasteful products created for all kinds of interior design. They complement each other and create wonderful peculiar compositions or are used for the formation of bright accents.

Vaughan – English style of the exclusive interior design


Vaughan : Interior light fixtures, street lighting, furniture, mirrors, carpets, textiles and decoration


The company’s founders - Michael and Lucy Vaughan – since their first working days in 1983 laid down an aim to demonstrate nothing but the best to the world, what the British craftsmen are equal to. And they succeeded. Vaughan products are sold in Great Britain, France, USA, where designer showrooms were opened. Definitely, the luminaries are in the producer’s priority. More than 500 models of them are manufactured. Glamorous, they surprise with the variety of configurations, original decoration of all kinds of fabrics, leather, brass and bronze, glass and ceramics and of amber. As for functional possibilities, these lighting fixtures comply with modern requirements (energy saving, remote control, photocells).

Over the 20 working years Vanghan has gained an excellent manufacturer reputation, whose products have a delightful design and reliable constructive proposals. The majority of production processes, including the furniture manufacturing, are performed by experienced craftsmen. In this regard, the products range is constantly expanded, and in consequence of that, designers can create amazing interior compositions, that include complementary elements: chandeliers and vases, lamps and figurines, mirrors, carpets, chest of drawers, tables and armchairs. Old faithful England looks as a bright modern lady in these things, clothed in a refined classic costume.

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Pendant lamps, Lanterns

Ceiling lamps

Wall lamps

Floor lamps

Lanterns (Outdoor light)

Wall lamps (Outdoor light)

Picture- and Bookcase lights

Chairs and chests


Decor accessories

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