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Seven-feet tall, five-feet wide, and 1,868 pieces of hand-crafted crystal, this $170,000 glass chandelier was made specifically for Baccarat's first ever American showroom located in Midtown's Decoration & Design Building at 979 Third Ave.


Parquet is something more than just the surface for the walking. This is real piece of nature, which has natural color, delicate aroma and different soundings. Each type of wood has its own character, strength, individuality and thanks to the radiated heat, it is impossible to be mixed up with artificial covering.

All those, who know how to design the coziness!

In this hot and sunny summer I greet everyone, who has not yet had time to relax and those, who have just returned from vacation and is ready to act favorite occupation with renewed energy. 
For sure, from the recent history you have good project, which you have brought to life for your customer. For this purpuse I want to tell you about our special offer.

Until August 31 you have a unique opportunity to advertise yourself on the pages of our website. We accept the description of your project in Russian or English with the photos in order to present you at your finest on our website for free! 
In the news feed all the subscribers of our website will see your portfolio with your contacts! They also will comment and give their opinion.

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