Order and payment

We receive from you a list of goods and in response we send you our quotation.

After approval of order details, we will send you a proforma-invoice, by which you can pay for your order in several ways:


Payment by credit card

Payment by wire transfer

Payment by PayPal


Payments can be made in EUR, USD or GBP.

Payment by credit card

In our checkout – step “payment” – please select “credit card”.

We accept the following credit cards:

paymant with selectbaubedarf

Please enter your credit card data on our payment site www. select-interiormarket.com, uses state-of-the-art server security software with SSL encryption which provides the safe and bug-proof transmission of your credit card data.

The order amount will be deposited on your card as a reservation payment until your order has either been sent (then the amount will be booked) or cancelled (then the amount will be released)


Payment by Visa or Mastercard

The system checks, whether the credit card participates in the 3-D security programs “Verified by Visa” or “Mastercard SecureCode”

These are security systems that have been developed for the aforementioned cards to safeguard that the lawful holder of a credit card and the lawful online trader participate in the respective transaction. If a credit card holder has registered to the 3-D-Secure system by using one of the offered registration methods, an additional window will open up after the credit data have been entered. This window is linked with your bank and requires the entry of the SecureCode (a password you selected). Transactions can only be made by entering the correct password.


Payment by American Express

The system checks, whether the shipping address is identical to the address that has been provided to American Express as billing address (Amex address verification system, abbrev. “AVS”).

In case the address is not identical, you will be asked in a separate email to provide the different shipping address to American Express. Your shipment will not be delivered until the successful authentication.


The following shall apply for all payments by credit card

Refunds from returns will always be charged-back to the credit card which the original order was paid from.

Payment by wire transfer

In our checkout – step “payment” – please select “wire transfer” and finalize your order.

You will then receive a confirmation that will be sent automatically by email stating our banking details as well as the order number.

Upon submitting your order, please transfer the overall amount to the following account and state the order number:

Recipient:  select-interiormarket.com

SELECT Baubedarf und Handels GmbH
A 5020 Salzburg
Warwitzstrasse 9 Businesscenter SAM

For payments in Austria (EUR)

Raiffeisenlandesbank OÖ ,

BLZ 34000

Konto 5075825

For SEPA transfers made from all international bank accounts (EUR or USD)

Payment to account EUR:

Austria , Linz


IBAN EUR: AT 09 3400 0000 0507 5825

BIC: RZ OO AT 2 L (Attention!!! In BIC code two letters OO)

Payment to account USD:

Austria , Linz


IBAN USD: AT 34 3400 0501 0507 5825

BIC: RZ OO AT 2 L (Attention!!! In BIC code two letters OO)

For wire transfers from international accounts (GBP)

Austria , Linz


IBAN GBP : AT 25 3400 0503 0507 5825

BIC: RZ OO AT 2 L (Attention!!! In BIC code two letters OO)


Possible transfer costs as well as bank charges shall be borne by the customer.

Your order will be dispatched upon receipt of payment on our account.

Refunds from returns will be charged-back to the bank account which the original order was paid from.


Payment by PAYPAL

You can pay us by Paypal, quick and easy.
Our shop is Paypal certificated, that ensures for you the greatest possible security. In addition Paypal protects you from data abuse. If there is any disagreement, a neutral and professionel advisor is available for you through Paypal.

If you already have an existing account you will be redirected to the Login page of Paypal. If you want, we can take your shipping address over from Paypal. If you don’t have an account, simply open an account and enjoy the Paypal Services.

The entire ordering process will be ciphered with a safety certificate via SSL. As a result it is guaranteed that your sensitive personal data cannot be picked up by a third party .


sofortüberweisung.de is the direct transfer service of Payment Network AG. There are currently already several thousands of online vendors in Germany, Austria, Switzerland, Belgium, the Netherlands and the United Kingdom who use sofortüberweisung.de. It offers data protection that is certified by the TÜV (Technischer Überwachungsverein – the Association for Technical Inspection).

By employing secure online banking methods (PIN / TAN), sofortüberweisung.de offers you the highest possible protection. The feature of sofortüberweisung.de that is most pivotal to the superior security of sofortüberweisung.de is the online banking process in itself. The transaction authentication number (TAN), especially, offers particular protection against abuse, whereas the data protection functions are tested and certified by the TÜV (Technischer Überwachungsverein – the Association for Technical Inspection) on an ongoing basis. To the present day, after millions of transactions, in which customers have used their PIN’s and TAN’s for transfers through the online services of Payment Network AG, there has not been a single case of PIN / TAN fraud.
Data transfers are processed via connections that are secured up to AES 256Bit.